$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Real-Time Extrapolation #1

As per the real-time tutorial this blog purports to be, I’d be remiss if I didn’t slow down and give you illustrative examples of my bum marketing content strategy so that you could then apply it to your own scenario. I always hated it when writers claiming to promise to reveal the inner workings of some proposed make money online info-product solution they were selling got you to buy the cursed thing, and it was invariably either a terribly trendy rehash of information you were already aware of, or it was something that required a MASSIVE learning curve (and a few dollars more than you happened to have had at the time), dooming itself to be more hard drive dust-ball clog.
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I happen to be good for my long-tailed keyword phrasing as they dovetail with my niche choices and experience. I didn’t have to research too much of figure out where to begin on my tutorial campaign. That being said, Web 2.0 properties were the most logical place to start as they’re search-engine-approved direct traffic sources that are worth the time for their high PR and RIDICULOUS organic traffic pools. It’s investment-worthy to create optimized blogs on as many of them as you have long-tail keywords you’re targeting for like I did here on WordPress, Blogger, and Flickr.
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These Web 2.0 properties are the first-level content dissemination points, and, since they have super-cozy relationships with the search engines, I’ll be able to rank for my keyword choices a lot faster than any of the competition I (don’t) have. As I have multiple products and services on offer, my main concern is how to communicate what the end result of them are on both removing the pain/affliction/hindrance and helping better the self/health/finances/romance of the potential customer searching through my copy.

You’re provided with another way to maximize the reach of your Web 2.0 property blog content. At the foot of any of my posts, no matter the site, I’m usually given Social Media sharing icons to conveniently post to my networks of choice. Taking it one step further by submitting the published blog URL to the likes of Pingomatic , this means I added as much extension as possible to my content without having to pay.  And that I can do it on a regular means my products/services are getting publicity and exposure on par with the Fortune 500 set who are paying as much and as many people as possible for this effect.

Meanwhile, I also have a list I put up covering a number of different types of Web 2.0 properties to make money online bum marketing with blogs with no cash outlay whatsoever. Plan to use clever variations of your long-tail keyword phrase to populate multiple blog titles as part of a campaign to amplify both your “voice”, and the weight of your keyword phrase rankings. This is because you also want to gain the authority that goes with the expertise demonstrated by dominating the topic in the search engines.


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