$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Real-Time Extrapolation #2

using keyword research to make money online bum marketing

As an important aspect of how you make money online bum marketing, keyword research allows you to not only target your optimal long-tail keyword phrasing, but, done correctly, drive laser-targeted BUYER traffic to your landing page VRE (virtual real estate).

To illustrate, I’ll use a real-time example of the process I went through to name and formulate my latest eBook. I created it to be a tutorial for #ContentCreators, being firmly ensconced within that sub-culture, I know the concerns of my target audience intimately;

  1. How to decrease production times for more jobs to be garnered.
  2. How to increase production to almost DOUBLE their current levels.
  3. How to leverage these two processes to drive gigs to the front page.

Getting down to business, I needed to research how my long-tail phrase would represent my info-product accurately. With a product title like “100% UNIQUE Articles – In 30 Minutes Or Less“, I had to consider what would my target audience be typing in to find a product like mine. Making a list that I generated from the product title itself;

original article content | create unique articles | create original articles | unique content fast | original articles fast | create unique articles | original articles faster | original article creation | 100% unique articles

After compiling another 10-to-20 phrases, I plugged the results into my AdWords account, carefully eyeing up the “submitted bid” pricing column to come up with the strongest, most representative competitor phrases for the product;

SEED KEYWORD PHRASE: 100% unique articles

Keyword Group AMS Competition Selected Bid
Article Unique 100 – 1k Low $1.19
unique article 100 – 1k Low $1.16
Unique Content 100 – 1k Low $1.84
unique content 100 – 1k Low $1.90
article content 100 – 1k Low $3.34
rewrite article 100 – 1k Low $3.55

I was looking for the perfect fit of the highest search volume combined with the lowest competition within this keyword group.
Eventually, I chose “articles in 30 minutes or less” as my long-tail phrase. This process helps smooth the way for my promotional efforts as the group generated from my seed keyword will be included into all articles titles. Good luck to you if you’ve been following this so far – and don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you need more context for understanding this process. I don’t bite (lol!).

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Mr Lee Davis is the owner/admin of Promodrone.com, an instant publishing site for news, articles, information, multimedia, and infographic submissions along with exposure to profitable opportunities associated with content creation.

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