$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Real-Time Extrapolation #4

Keyword Research &
Strategy Pays Off

Screenshot (16)

I WAS NOT ready for the image directly above. And, apparently, it’s still holding at the top organic spot since it was incepted 2 days ago. This is also a testament to highly-optimized video creation;
Screenshot (18)
In two days, the video jumped two places to #3 in the rankings. I know it also has to do with my previous efforts used to help myself make money online bum marketing. I also published content on other VREs (blog) and am preparing a smackdown of a post on my main publishing domain site. It’s gratifying to strike this deep and hard into the very heart of Google first-page territory, as I put in the work to achieve it.

The difference between the first time I managed a feat like this and the current situation, is that I’m now totally aware of the elements that make up the success of this endeavor. Having assiduously-tracked everything that I did up to the pushing of the “PUBLISH” button, I’m now in a good position to recreate this success at-will. A paranoiac by nature, I was ready for the video listing to have dropped off from the top spot, but, I must have optimized that puppy to the max. I can’t help but laugh when I imagine the person that had the top spot previously. I bet there was a whole raft of profanity-laced uttering at seeing a (well-made) 33-second promotional eBook video overtake their previously-coveted position.

The BEST thing about it is the connection to the product. Written over a quick three-week period, it’s a representation of my immersion in the content freelancing sector. Inspired by a freelancer that I took under my wing @ Fiverr™, their simple request on how to increase the speed of their content creation so they could both clear their gig queues and advance their jobs to the front page rang a bell with me. I was actually in the process of doing this for myself when I realized their had to be more freelancers looking for this. I know that I was on the right track as there are, by now, two paid AdWords™ ads above my organic spot, indicating that there is indeed profit to be made in my pursuit to make money online bum marketing personally-generated info-products rather than electing to use my talents to hype some affiliate product, no matter how hot it is. 

Mr Lee Davis is the owner/admin of Promodrone.com, an instant publishing site for news, articles, information, multimedia, and infographic submissions along with exposure to profitable opportunities associated with content creation.

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