$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Admin Asides & Audience Recognition

Admin Asides & Audience Recognition

I’m both humbled and touched that there are individuals who have deemed me and my blather as worthy of tracking (lol!). I really just want to say thanks, I’m aware of who you all are exactly, and to not be scared to reach out to me as we’re on the same track.

I’m actually feeling like I’m on the precipice of flight on this mission that I’ve been engaged on for the last two years, and, having recently turned Fifty, I’m boring into my current path as I have no idea what comes next in my personal life. There is the goal of seeing and helping my eleven-year old achieve Adulthood, but it is indeed neither here nor there.

I would express regret at not having plumbed down my current path sooner – like, as in ten years ago, but I had to get the level of expertise on which would allow me to do everything I needed to to keep my whole operation under wraps and in-house.

The knowledge that I don’t ever have to consult with designers, developers, copywriters, or any other field of needed expertise for web project creation is indeed headily-intoxicating. Because I made the choice to pay the cost to be the boss.

And I’d do it all over again. Imagine how much I save myself in production costs, while being able to deliver product, code, services, and info with lightning-speed and force-blast placement for search engine placement. What is it going to look like when my game is fully on?.

Mr Lee Davis is the owner/admin of Promodrone.com, an instant publishing site for news, articles, information, multimedia, and infographic submissions along with exposure to profitable opportunities associated with content creation. Are you a content creator in need of a way to double your content output while halving creation time? Info can be found at the 100% UNIQUE Articles salespage


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