$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Process Cementation

$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Process Cementation

Even as I’m getting into the meat of the promotional process, I realize I’m already @ a bit of a cock-up as I’m using the wrong facility for the FundsAreLow™ signup landing page. I think the reason I’m getting no response is the fact the page may be forcing the visitors to think more than they’re used to – detrimental to the way you make money online bum marketing.Screenshot (7)

I’ve tried to keep it light and responsive, but, I’m afraid too many people may be off-put by the general design (I’m thinking more covering the complete device range), but there’s a strong possibility I haven’t ramped up my promotional efforts enough @ this point to warrant a change, but then I got to thinking, and decided to swat two files simultaneously.

I HAD planned to use an amazing freeware to help deliver my newsletter member signup info;
SpeedyMail: Email Marketing Software

but I decided that it was going to involve too many other steps to be a viable prospect for management of membership AND provision of information so that it became a little unmanageable as an employment prospect to make money online bum marketing.


What I need is to step to an old throwback that I’ve employed time and again in the past as it’s a superior (secure) codebase that I’m intimately familiar with.


If you’re looking for the perfect eCourse application, you can get ahold of the awesome Tutis Login script, and It’ll both take care of my signups hands-free while I can just dump all my newsletter content in and be off to the races.

As I’ve used it before as you can see from the included images, I’ll have no problem twisting the code like a pretzel to incorporate the admin panel I have residing on the current signup page. Gonna be a LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG weekend to make money online bum marketing (lol!).

Mr Lee Davis is the owner/admin of Promodrone.com, an instant publishing site for news, articles, information, multimedia, and infographic submissions along with exposure to profitable opportunities associated with content creation. Are you a content creator in need of a way to double your content output while halving creation time? Info can be found at the 100% UNIQUE Articles salespage


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