$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Process Effort Return On Investment

Process Effort Return On Investment

Currently, the return on the efforts of recent time investments have been yielding sizable dividends; this AM, quite unexpectedly, I received a verified sale from one of my microjob networks, I was able to finish the promotional schedule for my latest infoproduct, AND create a YouTube Video for that product while going Jetson-active to figure out my next series of moves.

As well as the obligatory information list of all sites paying writers for content submissions, there’s also a mini-tutorial on how to generate all related content on-the-fly with no up-front cash (& little time) investment.

ebook cover

Quite a lot of activity for a weekend day, but carpe diem must be observed wherever it chooses to present itself, and it’s about the same level as opportunity knocking on your front door. I wasn’t planning to have been pursuing the days’ business, but I was on a high from that unexpected sale, and I just didn’t want the positive adrenaline to go to waste. Glad I chose to check my email this morning while on my daily mission to make money online bum marketing (lol!).


Mr Lee Davis is the owner/admin of Promodrone.com, an instant publishing site for news, articles, information, multimedia, and infographic submissions along with exposure to profitable opportunities associated with content creation. Are you a content creator in need of a way to double your content output while halving creation time? Info can be found at the 100% UNIQUE Articles salespage


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