$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Marketing Triumvirate Platform Foundation

Marketing Triumvirate Platform FoundationScreenshot (66)

I don’t even have a second to be in any sort of state of disbelief, it’s just hit the ground running and gunning. Yeh…best to just shoot straight and think later (lol!). Since well before the inception of this blog, I’ve been attempting to float the sub-domain as the centralized marketing fortress. If the last three days was any indication of the future, then I cut myself a huge swath into the Online Marketing niche off to the side that only those I’m broadcasting to will find. The idea was to navigate a course where no “guru” marketer type will ever be able to either compete with me, or horn in on my action (lol!).

As a marketing portal, I’m envisioning it as a new mecca for those tired of getting ripped off by so-called “gurus” with their fake “Done-For-You” bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, there are certifiable packages out there that may help do the trick, but I believe it’s more beneficial to just give people the tools and information (and mentoring) that really helps lead them to their own version of Online Success while I make money online bum marketing.

NOW, I feel like I’m finally cooking with gas. As a self-styled triumvirate, the portal is an email list generator as well as access to a services blog and reciprocal link directory. The monetization schemes are super-simple and (almost) drive traffic on their own. Getting excited at this coming together since it helps firm up my inventory as well as help frame my other for-profit activities and just sharpens the focus more for me.
Screenshot (67)

My investment into coding facility allows me to yet again twist another freeware resource into total compliance. You’d think these semi-pro code jockeys would be vain enough to ensure that their applications worked as expected before they went releasing them into the wild. As expected, I found the one problem that kept it from fully-functional bliss (nothing more annoying, trust me, you).

With correction and installation of the link farm
Screenshot (68)
I now have the perfect auto-pilot operation that I can use to make money online bum marketing while I pursue my development-for-profit income stream. I just can’t believe that it took me this long to get something this simple activated.


Mr Lee Davis is the owner/admin of Promodrone.com, an instant publishing site for news, articles, information, multimedia, and infographic submissions along with exposure to profitable opportunities associated with content creation. Are you a content creator in need of a way to generate more money for your products and services? Info can be found at the Deadly Content Marketplace Profits salespage


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