Tryna Make A Dolla’ Outta Fi’teen Cents…

Tryna Make A Dolla’ Outta Fi’teen Cents…


My man Pac here wasn’t the 1st ghetto resident escapee to coin the term, but who better to represent this maxim (besides its’ creator, Keith “Cowboy” Wiggins – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five) than the (also-dead) Makaveli? One fraught with the essence of struggle, the maxim also personifies the gritty, scrappy spirit of one such soul only all-too-familiar with this state.

For me, this enterprise is not about the generation of revenue (although, the effort toward Profitability is factored in), it’s more of a personal experiment. I haven’t had much luck with membership-based site population at all lately. Changing to a more populous and profitable niche should help change this, but I’m purposely inching forward by crossing and dotting all details as they come through purview.

The first order of business was the acquisition of automation to leverage the task of populating both advertisement and information listings. In the case of ads, I needed something with simultaneous submission ability and suited to one of my main arena for promotional posting.

The usual suspects; safelists, traffic exchanges, and GPTs (Get-Paid-To Sites) are about where fifty-to-seventy percent of my target market is. My search for a fully-featured ad-blaster has been pathetically non-epic as I’ve tried run down just about every example I’ve ever come upon any reference to. Sadly, I’ve had to settle for a finicky (but WORKING) piece from a defunct company.

You can easily find the SnazzySLSfree software, but you may have a bit of futzing with it before you get it to work for you. Using a current, Windows 10 machine, I’ve had no problems submitting simultaneously to a limited amount of sites. My mission right now consists of locating sites with plaintext ad boxes for the software to submit to. I’ve been really lucky at the new trend for many ad sites to send exclusively text mails to increase delivery rates. Between Snazzy and another freeware application – the Ads Free Submitter;
Screenshot (2)

With auto-login and auto-form-fill, this defunct, abandoned software kicks ass like a bar brawl and I only wish I could track down the full version (hasn’t happened yet…). Once the advertising sites are locked down (and I’m advertising all the while), next are the directories, then press release sites, then the Web 2.0 blogs. The members will come.


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Make Money Online Bum Marketing: Personally-Generated Product Profits

Make Money Online Bum Marketing: Personally-Generated Product Profits
With a SECOND copy sold (and confirmed through my payment processor on 12-May-2019 08:34:32 GMT-04:00), I’m actually starting to see the fruits of my labor multiply. This is as humbling a moment as I’ve ever had, to tell the truth. Happy, but now even more determined to extrapolate the lessons published for the next-step technique evolution.

THIS moment is the demarcation line of both Personal Satisfaction and Justification as not only an Entrepreneur, but also as a Web Professional living by the wit of my craft. The taste of Triumph is sweet, but dissipates quickly upon realization of what popped the second sale; ADVERTISING.

I played my hunch, and came up aces. This is also my personal litmus test for how the new domain application will be received. I’m headless-chickening @ rocket-fueled M.P.H., so I’m being a tad glossy about the tracking process (lol!).

I KNOW it’s down to the market-targeting I’m employing. I’ve been building my advertising portfolio while judiciously placing sales copy in the most-likely place where potential customers would be; ANYWHERE where the complete concern involved TRAFFIC GENERATION.

My excitement with the prospect of this eBook and the related domain-hosted project coming (with only 16 days to firm up this whole beastly endeavor), is at a record-high. I’m finding it easier to ingest this process in whole chunks and spit out operational procedures which lead to income.

At least FOUR solid online streams, and TWO so-simple-it’s-GONNA-work (lol!) ones, THIS is my “Summer Of George”…


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$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Process Burn Therapy Redux🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Process Burn Therapy Redux🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
And now, the time for the regular Jazz Funeral dance-off has returned yet again. The last few months of up-and-down has changed both my outlook on the process of Content Creation as related to profit and my interest in continuing down this sorry path. As it turns out, writers and other content freelancers have no interest in saving themselves time and effort and generating an income from their career (lol!). At least, that’s what I’m convinced of.


I put the whole, vast realm of experience out there; all the things I’d ever done to add turbo to all my Content profit gigs…mwah, mwwwaaaahhh! Not a single effin’ sale. Not like I didn’t talk, write, or promote about it. It was all I was focused on for the last 3 months. Seems like the market chose to go other ways. Disappointment is a cold-assed dish when served with a side of face-slap. Burny and bitter, I stepped back to surveil just what had been done and I came to the conclusion that I needed to concentrate on the creation of an edifice that was as much about profitability as it was about information and content.

It’s hard to just shift gears and reformat, especially when you’ve been barrelling down a one-track mind dedication alley. So focused on quality and consistency, I was blinded to the fact that the effort was being wasted. The content publishing site, after about three years, was just not doing it. No members, and bot traffic.

If it weren’t so pathetic, it’d actually be hilarious the state of affairs I found myself in mentally. It was hard to make that first step towards letting go of what was and finding what was to come next. A fine mess indeed (lol!). That was the genesis of a stumble of a mind-fuck for the proceeding weeks after the decision to jettison was made.

It’s rough trying to refocus, but I went back to basics like a n00b trying to pick their first niche in the beginning. I knew that it HAD to conform to things that I had a solid grasp on, was intimate in performance torquing aspecting on, and was able to generate blizzards of content/info on easily. 


The image above is the result of me going all the way down to the bottom of my cerebrum and redefining my positioning. I read an interesting tract on the whole process of advertising and it dawned on me where I should be going next.

Traffic Cash Boost™ was such a successful answer to where to go next, that I decided to dead the content publishing and give myself another 30 days to polish what’s already cobbled together on the local machine server. As I finally understand the ins and outs of this whole game (that I started out in two decades prior), I see where the money is…EXACTLY (lol!). I’m almost tempted to facepalm myself, like, “WHAT were you thinking?!?”. I kinda knew, but I really wasn’t ready – until now.

The best thing about this eProduct (besides the fact that I’ve sold a solitary copy already, lol!) is that the domain redux is specifically tailored to the ideas and techniques presented within the eBook. As an alternative to the run-of-the-mill advertising sites, I give members a chance to create HTML ads for display and rotation, as well as provide QR code generation, along with access to paid services and promotional offers.

LINKBOARDScreenshot (313)


Screenshot (314)

VIDEO ADSScreenshot (315)

Basically ready-to-go, the domain is aptly-named for its’ mission transformation. I enjoyed building the skeleton as I included a group of custom coding (written to modern, PHP 7 standards) that I’d been saving for a time like this. With three other membership levels (paid), I’ll be using the free memberships to drive advertising revenues as well as spread the site footprint. To work…
Screenshot (312)

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$100 Per Day Content Strategy: Platinum Jetpack Strap-In [Project Launch]

And we are away! Having spent a quick, but focused revamp of a product released months ago, I felt this was a perfect opportunity to test out my theories on how to make money online bum marketing, and what better practice run for some new methods than in service of a book targeting writers, marketers, and other content freelancers.

The blog establishment is so I can lay out an even more consistent content smackdown than I have in the last fiscal quarter. This is the time to bust out all those relevant videos, mp3s, and other types of information-based products just taking up Terabytes of space and benefiting nothing except my computer. I’m trying to sell my eBook, but I want to balance it out by providing some relevant content and information of interest to my target audience.

With the madding season right at the threshold of our nostrils, I’m on the come-up for the double-down. It’s going to be another 7-to-15 days to establish the promotional campaign platform, and then a mad sprint into 2019 with all barrels blazing like desert heat. This is one of my favorite parts of the process…

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$100 Per Day Content Strategy: War of the Keywords 2018 [Market Smasher💥💯]

Bum Marketing Keyword Phrase Meltdown

I’ve always been of the general persuasion that keywords had nothing to do with anything, until I signed up for this interesting little eCourse known as the “Bum Marketing Method” years ago. Now, I’m getting my backside handed to me trying adapt the theoretical underpinnings to a personalized extrapolation. I’m not doing too badly in the execution phase [IMHO, 🤣].

Especially as I really did a massive blocking session where every moving part of the campaign was accounted for and all major vectors for error were either eliminated or severely minimized. I began having this very weird internal dialogue with myself whilst betwixt this beast-slayer. It’s really my time to win, and I have to get this EXACTLY right. There is no margin for error.

I’m putting all my eggs in this basket since something is strangely driving me onward. For the first time since I’ve been pursuing self-enterprise online, I’m not feeling like I’m flying by the seat of my pants while not knowing how all the elements of my campaign function in synchronicity.

From the radical alteration of the aforementioned-method, to the dissection of the content creation aspect, to the marketing promotional video

I mean, I can’t hide from this now, even if I wanted to as it’s Public Domain. Funny checking the analytics, I seem to have gotten 3 more views than the initial 2 I put up myself…niiiice.👍

It already confirms to me what I caught and expanded upon from playing around with some pre-tested concepts. But, when I started digging into the process, I was amazed to find there was almost a ready-made logic that populated what I was doing. Intuitively, I zealously chronicled every pattern noticed that happened to reoccur more than 2x as well as keep a detailed exposition of my complete project footprint. Getting scary now… to be able to make money online bum marketing my own products.halfstress

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Screenshot (220)


$100 Per Day Content Strategy: “I… AM… SO… PISSED… OFF… RIGHT…NAAAAA!!!!” #Cartman #SouthPark #RageComicReality

WARNING: Adult Language, Humor, & General Realism Ahead…



I… AM… SO… PISSED… OFF… RIGHT…NAAAAA!!!!“. If you’re any sort of a personally-oriented marketer, you’re really doing a recoil at the market right now. Even as highly-motivated as I’ve been in the past decade, getting out of bed (willingly) pre the crack of Dawn, writing as many words as made sense for whatever experience I was trying to distill, hustling whatever coincided with any general interest I hold near and dear to the heart without eWhoring out about it (lol!)…the fact is, I’m getting tired.

Of course, I’m resigned to my impetus (because it’s the only thing that makes any sense to me, personally), but, it still rankles when I see weakness win. Don’t get me wrong. I KNOW there’s a market for everything. BUT, it seems the arch-popular isn’t popular with Moi. And I’m pretty much set to not really care until about 2020.

It’s not about the money aspect of it. If it was, Travis Sago already laid down the master map of a GUARANTEED affiliate method to make money online bum marketing (which I’m adapting a personally workable version of). As ashamed as I am, I have to just break down and admit that I need a refocus of game overview.

The real stickler in my craw is the fact that I could never raise interested parties to do more than just read my content marketing directory. With all the ass-busting put into it, I just decided to slap a registration fee on the proceedings and go from there. I’m thinking that I may just need a fresh start altogether and that flipping the domain (over nine years old) and converting the custom CMS into another freelancing product/service gig to offer on the microjobbing site network is the way to go in a few weeks.

I know the only way things are going to change is if I cut off anything else that isn’t directly related to personally-generated products and services. Combining this with a judicious use of personally-beneficial resources, I should start to get more inventory moving and services delivered. This goal, while requiring me to backtrack on my setup, will allow me an increased flexibility in all operational aspects.

The most important part of this moving target change-up is not getting TOO mired in detail so that execution can commence more smoothly and I can start to gain some real traction. With a need to rewrite an eBook already on the market as well as roll out heavy promotional for it, I’ll endeavor to keep it under 3-to-5 days, as the ridiculousness known as the Shopping Season is soon to be upon those who can’t really afford it (lol!). Going to have to just hustle non-stop to make money online bum marketing